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34 samples found

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Major Element 23 samples
Trace Element 16 samples
Isotopes 14 samples
Major, Trace Elements 14 samples
Major, Trace, Isotopes 11 samples
All Data 34 samples

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First 10 References:
DePaolo-Donald-J; Daley-E-Elle...    2000    Chemical Geology. 169; 1-2, Pa...    Neodymium isotopes in basalts of the Southwest Bas...   
Marvin, R F; Dobson, S W...    1979    Isochron/West, no.26, pp.3-30,...    Radiometric ages; compilation B, U. S. Geological ...   
No Author Data.    1979    n/a    Chronology of late Cenozoic basaltic volcanism; th...   
No Author Data.    1988    n/a    Late- to post-subduction magmatic transitions in ...   
Everson, Joel Earl...    1979    n/a    Regional variations in the lead isotopic character...   
Bacon, C R; Giovannetti, D M; ...    1979    Abstracts with Programs - Geol...    New constraints on the age of the Coso Formation, ...   
No Author Data.        Kistler R W, Lee D E Rubidium,...    Rubidium, strontium, and strontium isotopic data f...   
Walker-J-Douglas; Coleman-Drew...    1991    Geology Boulder. 19; 10, Pages...    Geochemical constraints on mode of extension in th...   
Rogers, N W; Hawkesworth, C J;...    1995    Journal of Geophysical Researc...    Late Cenozoic basaltic magmatism in the western Gr...   
10  Chen, J H; Moore, J G...    1979    Geology (Boulder), vol.7, no.3...    Late Jurassic Independence dike swarm in eastern C...   

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select sum(major_data_count) as smdc, sum(samp_trace_data_count) as stdc, sum(samp_isotope_data_count) as sidc, sum(samp_majtrace_data_count) as ssmtd, sum(samp_majtriso_data_count) as ssmdc, sum(samp_total_data_count) as total FROM (SELECT (case when samp.major_data = 'y' then 1 else 0 end) as major_data_count, (case when samp.trace_data = 'y' then 1 else 0 end) as samp_trace_data_count, (case when samp.isotope_data = 'y' then 1 else 0 end) as samp_isotope_data_count, (CASE when samp.major_data='y' and samp.trace_data='y' then 1 else 0 end) as samp_majtrace_data_count, (CASE when samp.major_data='y' and samp.trace_data='y' and samp.isotope_data='y' then 1 else 0 end) as samp_majtriso_data_count, (CASE WHEN samp.sample_num > 0 then 1 else 0 end) as samp_total_data_count FROM view_data_output norm, sample samp, location loc, sample_age age, batch bat, reference ref, method meth WHERE ST_Contains(st_GeomFromText('Polygon((-117.82012939453125 36.446694448546836,-117.75970458984375 36.50301312197295,-117.70751953125 36.54053616262899,-117.6416015625 36.542742833547834,-117.57568359375 36.531708849148664,-117.5262451171875 36.507428541837264,-117.498779296875 36.45442688547799,-117.47406005859375 36.416862115300304,-117.4658203125 36.37043347989968,-117.47543334960938 36.33504067209607,-117.50839233398438 36.31401858021655,-117.56881713867188 36.311805398567465,-117.64846801757812 36.32065774818662,-117.7349853515625 36.34167804918313,-117.78854370117188 36.357163062654365,-117.81463623046875 36.40802070382981,-117.82012939453125 36.446694448546836))'),loc.mypoint) AND norm.sample_num = samp.sample_num AND age.sample_num = samp.sample_num AND loc.location_num = samp.location_num AND bat.sample_num = samp.sample_num AND ref.ref_num = bat.ref_num AND meth.method_num = age.method_num ) b
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