Physical volcanology, petrography, and geochemistry of basalts in thebimodal Blackfoot volcanic field, southeastern Idaho 
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2005-006856 (View Original Data File)
Pickett, Katharine Elizabeth
basalts; Basin and Range Province; Blackfoot volcanic field;geochemistry; Idaho; igneous rocks; isotopes; lithosphere; magmatism;North America; petrography; Snake River plain; southeastern Idaho;tholeiitic basalt; United States; volcanic fields; volcanic rocks;volcanism
Quaternary basaltic rocks of the bimodal Blackfoot Volcanic FieldBVF in southeastern Idaho are normatively classified as olivine andquartz tholeiites. Eruptive vents and lava flows are located in theBasin and Range tectonic province, adjacent to the southern border ofthe eastern Snake River Plain ESRP volcanic province. This studycompares physical volcanology, petrography, and geochemistry of BVFbasalts with contemporaneous basalts in the Basin and Range and on theESRP in order to determine possible influences of ESRP magmatism onBasin and Range magmatism. Basalts in the study area represent bothstrombolian and hawaiian styles of volcanism, which are typicallyfound in the Basin and Range, and not on the ESRP. Geochemicalcomparisons between the above provinces and the study area indicatethat BVF basalts share many characteristics with ESRP basalts and notwith Basin and Range basalts. Geochemical and isotopic evidencesuggests a lithospheric source for BVF basalts, similar to the sourcebelieved to have produced the ESRP basalts. Typical Basin and Rangebasalts are not likely represented in the study area. The proposedsimilarity in ESRP and BVF source regions has significant implicationfor the extent of ESRP magmatic influence in southeastern Idaho; thisis consistent with recently proposed geophysical models that depictESRP-like source material beneath the BVF.
GeoRef, Copyright 2004, American Geological Institute.

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KEP-001 Yes Yes No
KEP-003 Yes Yes No
KEP-004 Yes Yes No
KEP-005 Yes Yes No
KEP-006 Yes Yes No
KEP-007 Yes Yes No
KEP-008 Yes Yes No
KEP-009 Yes Yes No
KEP-022 Yes Yes No
KEP-027 Yes Yes No
KEP-036 Yes Yes No
KEP-010 Yes Yes No
KEP-011 Yes Yes No
KEP-012 Yes Yes No
KEP-014 Yes Yes No
KEP-017 Yes Yes No
KEP-018 Yes Yes No
KEP-019 Yes Yes No
KEP-020 Yes Yes No
KEP-021 Yes Yes No
KEP-023 Yes Yes No
KEP-024 Yes Yes No
KEP-025 Yes Yes No
KEP-026 Yes Yes No
KEP-033 Yes Yes No
KEP-034 Yes Yes No
KEP-031 Yes Yes No
KEP-032 Yes Yes No
KEP-028 Yes Yes No
KEP-029 Yes Yes No
KEP-030 Yes Yes No
KEP-015 Yes Yes No
KEP-037 Yes Yes No
KEP-038 Yes Yes No
KEP-039 Yes Yes No