The Juniper Mountain volcanic center, Owyhee County, southwesternIdaho; age relations and physical volcanology 
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Bonnichsen, Bill; White, Craig M; McCurry, Michael
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2005-033633 (View Original Data File)
Manley, Curtis R; McIntosh, William C
absolute age; Ar/Ar; Cenozoic; dates; Idaho; igneous rocks; JuniperMountain; lava flows; mineral composition; Miocene; Neogene; OwyheeCounty Idaho; phenocrysts; pyroclastics; rhyolites; Snake River plain;Tertiary; tuff; United States; volcanic centers; volcanic features;volcanic fields; volcanic rocks; volcanism; Yellowstone Hot Spot
Bulletin - Idaho Geological Survey, Report: 30, pp.205-228, May 2004
GeoRef, Copyright 2005, American Geological Institute.

Sample Summary:
Sample ID: Major Data: Trace Data: Isotope Data:
92-328 No No No
92-280 No No No
92-325 No No No
91-252 Yes Yes No
89-126 No No No
92-308 No No No
92-316 No No No
91-211 No No No
91-204 No No No
92-303 No No No
92-322 No No No
92-297 No No No
92-330 No No No
92-295 No No No
92-298 No No No
92-302 No No No
92-321 No No No
92-324 Yes Yes No
92-323 Yes Yes No
89-106 Yes Yes No
89-107 Yes Yes No
92-285 Yes Yes No
89-80 Yes Yes No
89-54 Yes Yes No
89-65 Yes Yes No
89-26 Yes Yes No
89-125 Yes Yes No
91-215 Yes Yes No
90-171 Yes Yes No
92-288 Yes Yes No
91-249 Yes Yes No
90-177R Yes Yes No
89-120 Yes Yes No
60NC145 Yes Yes No