Geology and stratigraphy of the Challis volcanic group and relatedrocks, Little Wood River area, south-central Idaho, with a section ongeochronology 
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2005-046755 (View Original Data File)
Sanford, Richard F; Snee, Lawrence W
breccia; Cenozoic; Challis Volcanics; Eocene; Idaho; igneous rocks;lava flows; lithostratigraphy; Little Wood River valley; Paleogene;pyroclastics; south-central Idaho; Tertiary; tuff; United States;USGS; volcanic rocks; volcaniclastics
U. S. Geological Survey Bulletin, Report: B 2064-II, 22 pp., May 2005
The Challis volcanic field is the largest of several Eocene volcanicfields in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and Canada. Inthe Little Wood River area of Idaho, rock types in the Eocene ChallisVolcanic Group include andesite lava flows and tuff breccia, dacitelava flows and flow breccia, volcaniclastic sedimentary rocks, lithictuff, nonvolcanic conglomerate, and rhyolite dikes.
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7H64 Yes No No
7H49 Yes No No
7H58 Yes No No
7H87A Yes No No
7H35 Yes No No
7H109 Yes No No
7H110 Yes No No
7H21 Yes No No
7H22D Yes No No
7H69 Yes No No
7H34 Yes No No
7H31A Yes No No
7H31B Yes No No
7H33 Yes No No
7H126 Yes No No
8H121 No No No
8H105 No No No
8H106 No No No
8H141 No No No
8H138 No No No
8H140 No No No