Evidence for 65 km of dextral slip across Owens Valley, California,since 83 Ma 
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2005-074713 (View Original Data File)
Kylander-Clark, Andrew R C; Coleman, Drew S; Glazner, Allen F;Bartley, John M
absolute age; alkali feldspar; California; Cenozoic; correlation; Cosodike swarm; Coso Range; Cretaceous; dates; dike swarms; dikes; faults;feldspar group; framework silicates; geochemistry; Golden Bear dikeswarm; igneous rocks; intrusions; Inyo County California; K-feldspar;lateral faults; Mesozoic; monzonites; nesosilicates; orthosilicates;Owens Valley; plutonic rocks; quartz porphyry; rhyolites;right-lateral faults; Sierra Nevada; silicates; slip rates; U/Pb;United States; volcanic rocks; zircon; zircon group
Geological Society of America Bulletin, vol.117, no.7-8, pp.962-968,Aug 2005
The Golden Bear dike in the Sierra Nevada and the Coso dikes in theCoso Range crop out on opposite sides of Owens Valley, California, andstrike roughly perpendicular to it. Neither dike reappears alongstrike across the valley. New data demonstrate that the dike sets areca. 83 Ma in age, share nearly identical mineralogy and petrography,and intrude similar wall rocks including distinctive 102 Maleucogranite. Dike bulk-chemical and Sr and Nd isotope compositionsare nearly indistinguishable. These data suggest that the dike setswere originally continuous and were offset dextrally by approximately65 km. This displacement estimate is consistent with other recentestimates of total slip across Owens Valley. If faulting began duringthe Pliocene, the average slip rate was significantly faster than thecurrent rate. Alternatively, motion could have been episodic and havebegun as early as the Late Cretaceous.
With GSA Data Repository Item 2005103
GeoRef, Copyright 2007, American Geological Institute. Referenceincludes data supplied by the Geological Society of America, Boulder,CO, United States

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0102-11C Yes Yes Yes
0102-10M Yes Yes Yes
0102-13M Yes Yes Yes
0105C Yes Yes Yes
020517-1C Yes Yes Yes
020517-2C Yes Yes Yes
020518-2C Yes Yes Yes
020518-2M Yes Yes Yes
IP0203 Yes Yes Yes
020518-3 Yes Yes Yes
GB0105-6b No Yes No
GB0105-6a No Yes No
GB0105-1 No Yes No
GB0105-4 No Yes No
GB0105-5 No Yes No
GB0105-76 No Yes No
GB0105-3 No Yes No
GB02-13-C No Yes No
GB02-13-D No Yes No
GB02-13-E No Yes No
GB02-13-F No Yes No
020517-1-E No Yes No
020517-1-F No Yes No
020517-1-G No Yes No
020517-1-H No Yes No
020517-1-A No Yes No
020517-1-91 No Yes No
020517-1-96 No Yes No
020518-2c-A No Yes No
020518-2c-B No Yes No
020518-2c-C No Yes No
020518-2c-D No Yes No
020518-2c-G No Yes No
020518-2c-H No Yes No
020518-2c-90 No Yes No
020518-2c-97 No Yes No
IP203-d No Yes No
IP203-a No Yes No
IP203-71 No Yes No
IP203-b No Yes No
IP203-80 No Yes No
IP203-c No Yes No
020518-3-f No Yes No
020518-3-h No Yes No
020518-3-73 No Yes No
020518-3-88 No Yes No
020518-3-g No Yes No