Geologic map of the Bend 30- X 60-minute quadrangle, central Oregon 
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2004-076790 (Original file not in database.)
Sherrod, David R; Taylor, Edward M; Ferns, Mark L; Scott, William E;Conrey, Richard M; Smith, Gary A
areal geology; Bend Quadrangle; central Oregon; geochemistry; geologicmaps; intrusions; lithostratigraphy; maps; Oregon; petrology;stratigraphic units; surficial geology; tectonic elements; UnitedStates; USGS; volcanism
Geologic Investigations Series - U. S. Geological Survey, Report:I-2683, 48 pp., 2 sheets, 2004
This map presents the stratigraphic and structural setting of volcanicand sedimentary strata deposited during the past 35 million yearsacross 4,430 km (super 2) in central Oregon. Snowfall in the CascadeRange (west part of map area) recharges important aquifers in theDeschutes basin (central part of map). The area includes the majesticpeaks of the Three Sisters volcanoes, where continued eruptions ofbasalt and rhyolite in the past 3,000 years indicate an ongoingvolcanic hazard. The Sisters fault zone, with several potentiallyactive faults, crosses the map from southeast to northwest.
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