Timing and development of the Heise volcanic field, Snake River plain, Idaho, western USA 
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2005-031004 (View Original Data File)
Morgan, Lisa A; McIntosh, William C
absolute age; alkali feldspar; Ar/Ar; Arbon Valley Tuff Member;Blacktail Creek Tuff; calderas; Cenozoic; chronostratigraphy; ConantCreek Tuff; dates; explosive eruptions; Heise Group; Heise volcanic field; Idaho; igneous rocks;ignimbrite; Kilgore Tuff; lower Pliocene; Miocene; Neogene; paleogeography; Pliocene; pyroclastics; Snake River plain;Tertiary; tuff; vitrophyre; volcanic fields; volcanism; Walcott Tuff; Western U.S.
Geological Society of America Bulletin, vol.117, no.3-4, pp.288-306, Apr 2005
GeoRef, Copyright 2005, American Geological Institute.

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Sample ID: Major Data: Trace Data: Isotope Data:
CSRP-96-100.1 No No No
CSRP-96-97.1 No No No
ESRP-95-2019B No No No
ESRP-95-2020 No No No
ESRP-95-2017B No No No
CSRP-96-94.11 No No No
ESRP-95-2017A No No No
ESRP-95-2015 No No No
CSRP-98-123a No No No
YS88-801 No No No
TNP-96-48 No No No
TNP-96-48 No No No
TNP-96-43 No No No
TW-96-58b No No No
TW-96-58a No No No
TW-96-63a No No No
TW-96-65 No No No
TW-96-66c No No No
ESRP-95-2009 No No No
ESRP-95-2010 No No No
ESRP-95-2008 No No No
ESRP-95-2006 No No No
ESRP-95-2011A No No No
ESRP-95-2001A No No No
ESRP-95-2013 No No No
CSRP-96-76.1 No No No
CSRP-98-127 No No No
CSRP-98-126 No No No
TAV-95.1 No No No