Structure and evolution of the East Sierran thrust system, eastcentral California 
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Publication Year:
American Geophysical Union, Washington, DC, United States (USA)
GeoREF Number:
2004-084878 (View Original Data File)
Dunne, George C; Walker, J Douglas
absolute age; batholiths; California; Cenozoic; chronostratigraphy;cleavage; contraction; Cretaceous; dates; Death Valley; deformation;faults; fold and thrust belts; folds; foliation; Garlock Fault;geochemistry; igneous rocks; intrusions; ion probe data; island arcs;isotope ratios; mass spectra; Mesozoic; Mono County California;Nevada; Nevadan Orogeny; orogeny; plutonic rocks; Sevier orogenicbelt; SHRIMP data; Sierra Nevada; spectra; strain; strike-slip faults;structural analysis; systems; tectonics; Tertiary; thermal ionizationmass spectra; thrust faults; U/Pb; United States
Tectonics, vol.23, no.4, 23 pp., Aug 2004
GeoRef, Copyright 2007, American Geological Institute.

Sample Summary:
Sample ID: Major Data: Trace Data: Isotope Data:
S1-D91-3 No No No
IS-D92-3 No No No
SI-D53-2 No No No
AR-DI-94 No No No
Dunne-5 No No No
AR-D11-95 No No No
AR-D2-94 No No No
Dunne-3 No No No
SR-D3-3 No No No
SR-D4-3 No No No
SR-D1-3 No No No
SR-D2-3 No No No
HM-D54-2 No No No
SR-1 No No No
SR-15.1 No No No
SR-15.3 No No No
SR-35.2 No No No
SR-48.11 No No No
SR-50.2 No No No
SR-50.3 No No No
SR-54.6 No No No
SR-58.1 No No No
S1-D3-94 No No No