Testing competing caldera models using U/Pb geochronology; intrusive history of the Questa Caldera, Latir volcanic field, New Mexico, USA 
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2010-075164 (View Original Data File)
Tappa, Michael J
absolute age, calderas, Cenozoic, chemical composition, crystal fractionation, eruptions, Holocene, igneous rocks, ignimbrite, intrusions, Latir volcanic field, New Mexico, numerical models, plutons, pyroclastics, Quaternary, Questa Caldera, Taos County New Mexico, trace elements, U/Pb, United States, volcanic features, volcanic rocks, volcanism, volcanoes
A compelling new model for caldera evolution challenges the standard depiction of large-scale volcanism. Here, I test these competing models by establishing the temporal and chemical relationship between ignimbrite and potential cogenetic plutons related to the Questa caldera, Latir volcanic field, New Mexico.
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MZQ-9 No No No
MZQ-12 No No No
MZQ-13 No No No
MZQ-15 No No No
MZQ-19 No No No
MZQ-33 No No No
MZQ-40 No No No