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53 samples found

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Major Element 28 samples
Trace Element 33 samples
Isotopes 29 samples
Major, Trace Elements 24 samples
Major, Trace, Isotopes 24 samples
All Data 53 samples

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First 10 References:
Nutt, C J; Ludington, Steve...    2003    Open-File Report - U. S. Geolo...    Intrusive rock database for the digital geologic m...   
Naeser, C W; Izett, G A; Obrad...    1980    U. S. Geological Survey Bullet...    Fission-track and K-Ar ages of natural glasses...   
No Author Data.    1973    U. S. Geological Survey Profes...    Geochemistry and potassium-argon ages of plutonic ...   
Lipman, P W; Rowley, P D; Mehn...    1978    Journal of Research of the U. ...    Pleistocene rhyolite of the Mineral Mountains, Uta...   
Coleman-Drew-S; Walker-J-Dougl...    1992    Journal of Geophysical Researc...    Evidence for the generation of juvenile granitic c...   

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select sum(major_data_count) as smdc, sum(samp_trace_data_count) as stdc, sum(samp_isotope_data_count) as sidc, sum(samp_majtrace_data_count) as ssmtd, sum(samp_majtriso_data_count) as ssmdc, sum(samp_total_data_count) as total FROM (SELECT (case when samp.major_data = 'y' then 1 else 0 end) as major_data_count, (case when samp.trace_data = 'y' then 1 else 0 end) as samp_trace_data_count, (case when samp.isotope_data = 'y' then 1 else 0 end) as samp_isotope_data_count, (CASE when samp.major_data='y' and samp.trace_data='y' then 1 else 0 end) as samp_majtrace_data_count, (CASE when samp.major_data='y' and samp.trace_data='y' and samp.isotope_data='y' then 1 else 0 end) as samp_majtriso_data_count, (CASE WHEN samp.sample_num > 0 then 1 else 0 end) as samp_total_data_count FROM view_data_output norm, sample samp, location loc, sample_age age, batch bat, reference ref, method meth WHERE ST_Contains(st_GeomFromText('Polygon((-112.950439453125 38.35458032659834,-112.906494140625 38.261906416376554,-112.87078857421875 38.2273928792016,-112.796630859375 38.257593120395356,-112.7471923828125 38.447135775082444,-112.752685546875 38.5632002667659,-112.7911376953125 38.66192241975434,-112.87353515625 38.61472442637688,-112.9339599609375 38.50304202775689,-112.950439453125 38.35458032659834))'),loc.mypoint) AND norm.sample_num = samp.sample_num AND age.sample_num = samp.sample_num AND loc.location_num = samp.location_num AND bat.sample_num = samp.sample_num AND ref.ref_num = bat.ref_num AND meth.method_num = age.method_num ) b
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