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197 samples found

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Major Element 101 samples
Trace Element 102 samples
Isotopes 17 samples
Major, Trace Elements 101 samples
Major, Trace, Isotopes 10 samples
All Data 197 samples

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First 10 References:
Fleck, R. J., Lanphere, M.A., ...        n/a    Detailed 40Ar/39Ar and K-Ar chronostratigraphy of ...   
Marvin, R F; Dobson, S W...    1979    Isochron/West, no.26, pp.3-30,...    Radiometric ages; compilation B, U. S. Geological ...   
Marvin, Richard F; Mehnert, Ha...    1973    Isochron/West, vol.6, pp.1-30,...    A summary of radiometric ages of Tertiary volcanic...   
Everson, Joel Earl...    1979    n/a    Regional variations in the lead isotopic character...   
Marvin-Richard-F; Mehnert-Hara...    1989    Isochron/West. 52; Pages 3-12....    U. S. Geological Survey radiometric ages; Compila...   
Semken, Steven Christian...    1984    n/a    A neodymium and strontium isotopic study of late C...   
Fleck, R J; Turrin, B D; Sawye...    1996    Journal of Geophysical Researc...    Age and character of basaltic rocks of the Yucca M...   
Sawyer, David A; Fleck, R J; L...    1994    Geological Society of America ...    Episodic caldera volcanism in the Miocene southwes...   
Farmer-G-L; Perry-F-V; Semken-...    1989    Journal of Geophysical Resear...    Isotopic evidence on the structure and origin of s...   
10  Rogers, N W; Hawkesworth, C J;...    1995    Journal of Geophysical Researc...    Late Cenozoic basaltic magmatism in the western Gr...   

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select sum(major_data_count) as smdc, sum(samp_trace_data_count) as stdc, sum(samp_isotope_data_count) as sidc, sum(samp_majtrace_data_count) as ssmtd, sum(samp_majtriso_data_count) as ssmdc, sum(samp_total_data_count) as total FROM (SELECT (case when samp.major_data = 'y' then 1 else 0 end) as major_data_count, (case when samp.trace_data = 'y' then 1 else 0 end) as samp_trace_data_count, (case when samp.isotope_data = 'y' then 1 else 0 end) as samp_isotope_data_count, (CASE when samp.major_data='y' and samp.trace_data='y' then 1 else 0 end) as samp_majtrace_data_count, (CASE when samp.major_data='y' and samp.trace_data='y' and samp.isotope_data='y' then 1 else 0 end) as samp_majtriso_data_count, (CASE WHEN samp.sample_num > 0 then 1 else 0 end) as samp_total_data_count FROM view_data_output norm, sample samp, location loc, sample_age age, batch bat, reference ref, method meth WHERE ST_Contains(st_GeomFromText('Polygon((-116.55625000000002 36.83613281250003,-116.52900390625003 36.77460937500003,-116.50439453125003 36.74121093750003,-116.54833984375003 36.71396484375003,-116.49560546875003 36.71308593750003,-116.47451171875002 36.67089843750003,-116.55361328125002 36.66562500000003,-116.59052734375003 36.67792968750003,-116.64150390625002 36.72187500000003,-116.63710937500002 36.76669921875003,-116.58964843750002 36.82734375000003,-116.55625000000002 36.83613281250003))'),loc.mypoint) AND norm.sample_num = samp.sample_num AND age.sample_num = samp.sample_num AND loc.location_num = samp.location_num AND bat.sample_num = samp.sample_num AND ref.ref_num = bat.ref_num AND meth.method_num = age.method_num ) b
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