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521 samples found

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Major Element 467 samples
Trace Element 237 samples
Isotopes 42 samples
Major, Trace Elements 220 samples
Major, Trace, Isotopes 14 samples
All Data 521 samples

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First 10 References:
Redden, Jack A; Obradovich, Jo...    1983    Science, vol.220, no.4602, pp....    Early Tertiary age of pitchstone in the northern B...   
Kirchner, James Gary...    1971    n/a    The petrography and petrology of the phonolite por...   
Staatz, M H...    1983    U. S. Geological Survey Profes...    Geology and description of thorium and rare-earth ...   
O'Toole, Frederick S...    1981    n/a    Petrology of the Cenozoic phonolites and related r...   
Wilkinson, Michael...    1982    n/a    Petrology and alteration in the core of the Bear L...   
White, Stanley F...    1980    n/a    Petrology of the Cenozoic igneous rocks of the Lyt...   
Ray, John T...    1979    n/a    Petrology of the Cenozoic igneous rocks of the Tin...   
Fashbaugh, Earl F...    1979    n/a    Geology of igneous extrusive and intrusive rocks i...   
Halvorson, Don Llewellyn...    1980    n/a    Geology and petrology of the Devils Tower, Missour...   
10  Larsen, Richard K...    1977    n/a    Geology, alteration, and mineralization of the nor...   

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select sum(major_data_count) as smdc, sum(samp_trace_data_count) as stdc, sum(samp_isotope_data_count) as sidc, sum(samp_majtrace_data_count) as ssmtd, sum(samp_majtriso_data_count) as ssmdc, sum(samp_total_data_count) as total FROM (SELECT (case when samp.major_data = 'y' then 1 else 0 end) as major_data_count, (case when samp.trace_data = 'y' then 1 else 0 end) as samp_trace_data_count, (case when samp.isotope_data = 'y' then 1 else 0 end) as samp_isotope_data_count, (CASE when samp.major_data='y' and samp.trace_data='y' then 1 else 0 end) as samp_majtrace_data_count, (CASE when samp.major_data='y' and samp.trace_data='y' and samp.isotope_data='y' then 1 else 0 end) as samp_majtriso_data_count, (CASE WHEN samp.sample_num > 0 then 1 else 0 end) as samp_total_data_count FROM view_data_output norm, sample samp, location loc, sample_age age, batch bat, reference ref, method meth WHERE ST_Contains(st_GeomFromText('Polygon((-105.556640625 44.94924926661153,-105.18310546875 43.309191099856854,-102.392578125 43.213183300738876,-102.45849609375 45.182036837015886,-105.556640625 44.94924926661153))'),loc.mypoint) AND norm.sample_num = samp.sample_num AND age.sample_num = samp.sample_num AND loc.location_num = samp.location_num AND bat.sample_num = samp.sample_num AND ref.ref_num = bat.ref_num AND meth.method_num = age.method_num ) b
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