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154 samples found

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Major Element 100 samples
Trace Element 60 samples
Isotopes 10 samples
Major, Trace Elements 45 samples
Major, Trace, Isotopes 8 samples
All Data 154 samples

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First 10 References:
No Author Data.    2004    U. S. Geological Survey Profes...    Eruptive history and chemical evolution of the pre...   
Glazner, Allen F.; Carl, Brian...        unpublished...    ...   
Stockli, Daniel F; Dumitru, Tr...    2003    Geological Society of America ...    Cenozoic tectonic evolution of the White Mountains...   
Reheis-Marith-C; Sawyer-Thomas...    1997    Geological Society of America ...    Late Cenozoic history and slip rates of the Fish L...   
Reheis, M C; Sawyer, T L; Slat...    1993    Miscellaneous Investigations S...    Geologic map of late Cenozoic deposits and faults ...   
Bateman, Paul C; Dodge, Frankl...    1984    Open-File Report - U. S. Geolo...    Major oxide analyses, CIPW norms, modes, and bulk ...   
Sikora, R F; Moore, J G; Olive...    1991    Open-File Report - U. S. Geolo...    Compilation and listing of 6,454 density measureme...   
Dodge-Franklin-C-W; Moore-Jame...    1981    Geological Society of America...    Late Cenozoic volcanic rocks of the southern Sier...   
No Author Data.    1980    n/a    An ultrapotassic basaltic suite from the central ...   
10  No Author Data.    1979    n/a    Chronology of late Cenozoic basaltic volcanism; th...   

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select sum(major_data_count) as smdc, sum(samp_trace_data_count) as stdc, sum(samp_isotope_data_count) as sidc, sum(samp_majtrace_data_count) as ssmtd, sum(samp_majtriso_data_count) as ssmdc, sum(samp_total_data_count) as total FROM (SELECT (case when samp.major_data = 'y' then 1 else 0 end) as major_data_count, (case when samp.trace_data = 'y' then 1 else 0 end) as samp_trace_data_count, (case when samp.isotope_data = 'y' then 1 else 0 end) as samp_isotope_data_count, (CASE when samp.major_data='y' and samp.trace_data='y' then 1 else 0 end) as samp_majtrace_data_count, (CASE when samp.major_data='y' and samp.trace_data='y' and samp.isotope_data='y' then 1 else 0 end) as samp_majtriso_data_count, (CASE WHEN samp.sample_num > 0 then 1 else 0 end) as samp_total_data_count FROM view_data_output norm, sample samp, location loc, sample_age age, batch bat, reference ref, method meth WHERE ST_Contains(st_GeomFromText('Polygon((-118.2568359375 37.996162679728116,-118.4326171875 37.91820111976663,-118.4490966796875 37.76637243960176,-118.3721923828125 37.55328764595765,-118.3062744140625 37.31775185163688,-118.2568359375 37.21720611325497,-118.1689453125 37.26530995561875,-117.9931640625 37.38325280195101,-118.201904296875 37.85316995894978,-118.2568359375 37.996162679728116))'),loc.mypoint) AND norm.sample_num = samp.sample_num AND age.sample_num = samp.sample_num AND loc.location_num = samp.location_num AND bat.sample_num = samp.sample_num AND ref.ref_num = bat.ref_num AND meth.method_num = age.method_num ) b
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